Immediate booking of furnished apartments in Zurich – for relocation or longer stays

Reasonably priced apartments or hotels in Zürich are scarce. The cost-effective and rapid way to start in Zürich, is the booking a furnished rental apartment with They are offering a wide range of inexpensive and comfortable furnished apartments in prime locations and with their highly esteemed 5-Star Services from A to Z. These offers suiting different needs can be found at: – press EN and „Apartment Search“.

For low-cost rental housing in Zurich, usually dozens of interested seekers are involved. That is why it is worth (at the start of relocation) to book easily (within minutes) one of the offered furnished apartments of In a second step of the relocation process, a truly need-based permanent solution will be found more easily, since there is more time then.

Advantages of furnished apartments of

Furnished apartments of are appreciated for:

– Above average central locations and comfort

– Very good cost-benefit ratio with all-inclusive offers

– Choice among several offers, based on the needs

– Continuous renovation and cleanliness

– Time-saving booking and 5 Star Services from A to Z


Benefits of the 5-Star Services by

The PABS team is proud of the 5 Star standard of their services. These are included in the rent, because they are based on the consistent motivation in the team, to give the best. The managing partners are also the consultants and supervisors, offering outstanding competence and service quality. Thanks to their expertise, both parties save time and find optimal solutions. The service teams and employees provide extra comfort through the pleasant weekly service and continuous maintenance of furnished apartments. For more information see the video:


Good start for relocations to Zürich or stays of 14 days or longer

The managing partners and employees of do everything to perfectly prepare for a good start in Zurich (expert advice, booking within minutes and service from A to Z). The 5-Star services is ensuring a smooth takeover of the apartment and an all around enjoyable stay.

For the starting of relocation to Zurich and for stays of 14 days or longer, the accommodation in furnished apartments of is saving time and costs; with a comfort that is clearly above average.

The customer satisfaction with the rented furnished apartment in Zurich, is the first commandment for